Group Fitness Classes

Strength Conditioning

Ever pushed a sled? High resistance is the key to conditioning the body for strength. This is 50 minutes of no frills, no nonsense work that is great for the body. Push and pull sleds, carry heavy bags (and other things), toss med balls in all sorts of directions, occasionally do some dumbbell work, and have fun moving in natural ways that produce a different kind of stimulation for the body. This class takes place outside, in a blocked off area of the parking lot. It’s a great class for those looking to get back into shape. There is a lot of coaching and opportunity for interaction in this class, so it’s also a great for those who don’t know where to start.

Field Conditioning

Rather than high resistance, this class emphasizes speed to develop athleticism. Part sprint work, part agility and coordination, this fast-paced class will keep your heart rate elevated and significantly boost your metabolism. Expect some short sprints (running), some body weight exercises, and of course some weighted work with dumbbells or med balls. Rowing is available for those who want low-impact.

Whether you are a runner or cyclist, the agility, speed, and coordination work in this class will provide a great complement to your overall conditioning, metabolic training, and health! This class takes place outside, partly in the shade at the end of our alley way, and partly in the parking lot. Note: while the sprints in this class are brief, they are high impact. The ergs allow for a scalable, zero-impact option for those who need it.


This 50-minute class employs safe and proven strength training techniques to build muscle and boost metabolism. In each class, expect a 10-minute dynamic warm-up and 25 minutes of focused strength training on a single lift. The last 10-15 minutes of class is focuses on accessory strength work to complement the main lift. This class uses barbells and dumbbells with an emphasis on form over quantity. If you want to improve the way you look and feel, start here. Note: we require a free 1-on-1 meeting with a coach before joining this class, partly to understand your background and partly to ensure your success!


This 50-minute class works the entire body by mixing low-impact HIIT (high-intensity interval-training) with strength and mobility work to provide balanced, comprehensive fitness. Equal parts body weight exercises, rowing, and dumbbell work. This class is ideal for those who want an efficient workout that touches the entire body.


Set to the beat of music hand selected by Stan, this 50-minute class challenges your aerobic endurance while also incorporating a few elements of dumbbell and body weight work. Driven by the beat, this class will have high intensity sprints on the rowing machine mixed with resistance shifts. Think indoor cycling, but on an erg, and a lot more fun. Note: some indoor rowing experience recommended.