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Beginner to Advanced

Our gym emphasizes mobility (moving the right way) and strength. Cardio is still part of the equation, rest assured, but as a supplement. Cardio alone cannot lead to a healthy body. In fact, pure cardio work leads to imbalances that invariably yield to injuries and pain. With strength and mobility at the foundation with cardio supplementing their development, we can bulletproof our bodies against life’s demands.

Group Fitness

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Strength Conditioning

This is 50 minutes of no frills, no nonsense work that is great for the body. Push and pull sleds, carry heavy bags (and other things), toss med balls in all sorts of directions, occasionally do some dumbbell work, and have fun moving in natural ways that produce a different kind of stimulation for the body.

woman jumping over cones

Field Conditioning

Rather than high resistance, this class emphasizes speed to develop athleticism. Part sprint work, part agility and coordination, this fast-paced class will keep your heart rate elevated and significantly boost your metabolism.


This 50-minute class employs safe and proven strength training techniques to build muscle and boost metabolism. In each class, expect a 10-minute dynamic warm-up and 25 minutes of focused strength training on a single lift.


This 50-minute class works the entire body by mixing low-impact HIIT (high-intensity interval-training) with strength and mobility work to provide balanced, comprehensive fitness.


Set to the beat of music hand selected by Stan, this 50-minute class challenges your aerobic endurance while also incorporating a few elements of dumbbell and body weight work.

Personal Services

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Personal Programming

Whether you are local or across the country, if you want programming catered to your specific goals, we can help. You can supplement your current exercise regimen or have us program everything.

Personal Training

This is one-on-one training with a coach to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our coaches design an individualized program for you and take you through your customized workout program.

Goal Setting

Work one-on-one with a coach to set and achieve your health and nutrition goals. Our coaches offer accountability, guidance, body composition scans to track progress, review of food journals, and check-ins, all designed to work toward your personal goals.

HS Girls Strength & Speed Development

We offer an ongoing 8-week program to build athleticism and confidence in high school girls. Specifically, the program focuses on developing speed through technique and plyometric training, and strength training through traditional barbell lifts and accessory work necessary for field athletes.